Food-safe UV detectable adhesives.

Glue detection systems are increasingly equipped with UV Sensors. This system contributes ensuring quality during production. Detecting with UV sensors unfortunately also has some challenges.

  • Optical brighteners in the paper cause disruption of adhesive recognition.

The recycling of cardboard is related to increasing contamination of Optical whiteners and creates scattering, as a result of which the adhesive detection becomes increasingly problematic.

  • Producing for the food industry is a problem with UV substances..

Most standard detectable adhesives with optical UV brighteners are not allowed for primary food packaging!

Do you produce primary or secondary packaging for the food industry?

Until now it was not possible to have an compatible and authorized UV detection brightener for UV detection systems. Intercol adhesives developed a new food safe UV detectable adhesive in cooperation with adhesive application equipment suppliers. Our food-compatible SML12 folder gluing adhesives can now be supplied with a new range of optical brighteners s so you can produce guaranteed food safe with Intercol's SML certificate. Our customers may wish to color the glue or make it suitable for UV detection, suitable for primary packaging. These requirements are also known to us and can be built into our adhesive compositions.

Our food-safe SML 12 adhesives can now be equipped with a new range of UV detection devices, and you can be guaranteed to produce food safely with the Intercol SML certificate.

Cardboard processors may want to provide their current glue with detection means, and food safety will continue to be observed. We are familiar with such questions and in consultation we can fit this into existing adhesive recipes.

Application in EU food packaging.

Conform European Regulations on Food Safety set forth in the frame work law (1935/2004/EG) and the Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM, 10/2011/EG), this adhesive can be safely used in food packaging. It is the duty of the converter to test the final products’ food safety.

The above glue requirements, wishes and laws have been incorporated in an impressive series of adhesives that have earned their spurs in practice.

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