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E-mail disclaimer

An e-mail message from Intercol is exclusively intended for the addressee (s).

If the e-mail arrived by mistake, please contact us directly, telephone 0318-636363. In that case we ask you to destroy the e-mail, not to use the content and not to distribute it to third parties, because the message may contain confidential information.

Our general terms and conditions, which include a limitation of liability and which can also be found on our website, are applicable to all work and deliveries performed by us.

All our outgoing emails are checked for the presence of computer viruses.

Intercol BV has its registered office in Ede, Chamber of Commerce no. 09037485

Contents of this website

The company Intercol BV strives to display correct and clear information on this website. It does not in any way guarantee the actuality, correctness, quality and completeness of the information and the internet page. Intercol is not liable, in any form whatsoever, for matters related to or arising from this page. Therefore we can not guarantee unlawful use (eg Hackers). Intercol BV has the right at any time to adjust the information in any capacity. Links and references. If reference is made directly or indirectly to Internet pages via eg "links" we do not accept any liability for the content of these pages or the use of their content. None of these contents may be duplicated, but can only be used as a reference work (eg printing and reading). There is copyright on various parts of this website.

Data storage

The personal data collected (for eg statistical reasons) will not be traded to third parties. Sometimes it is necessary to contact various parties to have a project succeed. It may be that (eg under confidentiality) this contact information is made available.

Intercol is not liable for any (un) correct information published on this website.Right area.On this website is Dutch law. In case of disputes about this website this will be settled before a Dutch court.

General sales, delivery and payment conditions

1. These conditions apply to all offers and agreements, with the exclusion of other conditions; whereby Intercol BV (hereinafter: seller) acts as seller or supplier, unless other stipulations have been confirmed by the seller in writing. Purchaser waives his purchase conditions by placing an order. All offers are without obligation. Agreements are only binding on the seller if and insofar they have been confirmed by the seller in writing.

2. The delivery times are without obligation. Ede is the place of delivery. The goods travel at the expense and risk of the buyer. If the buyer does not take delivery of the goods, the seller can store these at the expense and risk of the buyer. If no delivery time has been agreed, the seller must deliver the goods within a reasonable period, in his opinion, given the nature of the goods and other relevant circumstances known to the seller. Delivery and invoicing in parts is permitted. Buyer may not transfer its rights arising from the transaction with seller to third parties.

3. Payment must be made within 30 days after the invoice date without discount in the currency in which the invoice is made. The seller reserves the right, in deviation from an agreed payment term, to still deliver cash on delivery, or to demand payment for the delivery of the goods, if in the opinion of the seller the financial position of the buyer gives cause to do so, which is the case, for example, if the buyer does not comply with its obligations towards the seller or another supplier, and if the buyer's assets are seized.

4. If the buyer is in default vis-à-vis the seller, the seller has the right, without the need for judicial intervention, to cancel the purchase and other not yet finished purchase agreements, without prejudice to sellers further rights from agreement and the law.

5. Purchaser is in default not required to pay on the agreed date, without further reminder, as well as if he fails to comply with any of the other obligations of this or other q agreements between the parties. Buyer is then, without prejudice to the provisions in art. 4 and without any prior reminder or notice of default being required, an interest fee payable to the vendor on the basis of one per cent per month, or part thereof, calculated from the day on which the payment should have been made up to and including that of the payment.

6. In the event of force majeure, the seller will be able to cancel the contract, or to suspend the execution of the contract until the force majeure has ended. Force majeure includes strike, exclusion, fire, obstruction in traffic, lack of raw materials, materials or labor, mobilization, war, import and export restrictions or government measures, which prevent or complicate the fulfillment of the agreement, as well as breach or cancellation of the agreement. agreements by the vendor's suppliers and difficulties in the transport or storage of the goods sold. If requested, the seller must inform the buyer whether he opts for cancellation or suspension. If the seller opts for suspension, he has the right to change his choice in cancellation, subject to notification of his decision. The seller is not liable for damage caused by cancellation or suspension. The seller is, if he is only able to deliver part of it as a result of force majeure, authorized to do so.

7. Complaints about possible incorrect execution of orders, as well as about the quality of the delivered goods, must be made in writing within eight days of receipt of the goods. If the complaints are found to be well-founded and do not constitute a force majeure for the seller, the seller is obliged to arrange for replacement. The seller is not obliged to further obligation or compensation in respect of incorrect delivery. Complaints do not give buyer the right to cancellation. Return shipments are at the expense and risk of the buyer and are only permitted with the prior written consent of the seller. The payment obligation of the buyer in respect of the relevant or other deliveries is not suspended by the advertising. All advice regarding the application of the goods delivered, delivered or to be delivered is free of charge and without obligation. The buyer must convince himself to what extent the purchased item is suitable for the use for which the buyer uses the purchased item. The Seller accepts no liability with regard to the use by the Buyer. In case of non-delivery outside of force majeure and in case of non-delivery, if seller in his opinion can not reasonably take care of replacement, seller is not held to any compensation.

8. In case of manufacturing of goods according to drawings, models, samples or other instructions in the broadest sense of the word received from the buyer, the buyer assumes the full guarantee that for the manufacture and / or delivery of these articles no mark, patent, use or trade model or any other right of third parties are affected. If a third party objects to the manufacture and / or delivery of said goods on the basis of any claimed right, the seller shall be entitled to immediately cease manufacturing and / or delivery and demand compensation for the costs incurred, all this without prejudice to claims to possible compensation to the buyer and without the seller being obliged to pay compensation for any reason whatsoever.

9. The buyer shall indemnify the seller against all consequences, whatsoever, of claims that could be asserted by the purchaser of the buyer against the seller in respect of the purchased item.

10. Insofar as gross sales prices have been determined by the seller for the delivered goods, the buyer is obliged to hold these against his customers and may only allow the rebates fixed by the seller when selling to resellers at these prices. The buyer will impose the same obligations on his buyers.

11. With regard to the delivery of the quantity ordered, the seller reserves a tolerance of 5% (upwards or downwards).

12. The Seller is entitled to charge the Purchaser on the increase in its purchase prices, changes in exchange rates, import duties and all other external circumstances that increase the cost price after the purchase agreement has been concluded, to the Buyer by a corresponding adjustment of the sales price.

13. All delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the buyer has fulfilled his obligations under the sales contract and agreements already concluded or to be concluded, including interest and costs.

14. All arrangements are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Arnhem, which is also competent in respect of attachment and summary proceedings. All costs incurred in retaining rights as well as collection costs are at the expense of the buyer. Without prejudice to the right to full payment of the costs, the costs of judicial collection are set at 15% of the claim against the buyer. Dutch law applies to all offers and agreements.


If you want to return your order, you can contact webshop@intercol.eu.