Polyolefin hotmelts

Polyolefin hotmelt is now the standard for several innovative decades  hotmelt adhesives It was a silent revolution. But a revolution, Intercol's pioneering range of polyolefin hotmelt adhesives. It has set a new standard in production efficiency, less maintenance, and is applicable in numerous applications in packaging, labels, woodworking and bookbinding applications.

Polyolefin hotmelt adhesives do not carbonize in the hot melttank, are running smoothly and can be used over a wide range of production speeds. They also offer exceptional thermal stability. During seven-day studies of 160°C, the viscosity changed by less than 1%. This unique feature eliminates the nozzle blockages compared to the standard, yellow coloured hotmelts.  In addition, polyolefin hotmelt adhesives ensure unparalleled flexibility at low temperatures, requested in deep-freeze packages, and heat resistance in hotfills or export, for example. Our range of hotmelts can be used with confidence depending on the type of products in temperatures from -40 ° C up to -40 ° C. + 90 ° C.

Proven solutions, value-adding advantages ...

Polyolefin hotmelts are inert, virtually odor-free and pearl white in color, making them perfect for most (food) packaging applications. Here they provide a strong and reliable bond that also meets the other requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Improved bonding to a wide range of substrates, lower inventory costs and competitive prices are among a large number of other value-added benefits.

In addition, as "glue engineers" we make our expertise and dedication available to our customers. With market changes in mind, we are able to regularly improve the polyolefin range to provide proven solutions for the ever-changing demands of our customers. More about the polyolefin hotmelts per application area:

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  • Polyolefin labelling hot melt
  • Polyolefin wood & construction hotmelts
  • Polyolefin bookbinding hotmelts