Liquid POLYVINYL ALCOHOL blending company

Intercol blends, manufacturers, and develops a wide range of water-based liquids. These can be used for specialty coatings, adhesives, primers, binders and treatments. Our liquid products are easy to integrate in production processes, and with our R&D center, we can optimize products to increase production efficiency and product performance. Most common adaptions are in the direction of setting speed, optimizing production processes, making water soluable (cleaning), waterresistancy, fire retardancy, UV restancy and food grade.

Our products are mostly custom-made our dedicated technicians are available from the first vistit to your factory and can monitor all supllies to you. We develop the right product for your application.

Snp Inc Polyvinyl Alcohol Synthetic Polymers

PVOH products

Intercol has developed various liquid polyvinyl alcohol products, which can be used in various applications. Togehter with the customer we determine what properties are needed for your industrial application. We will develop a liquid, toll blended, PVOH solution which best meets these criteria.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Properties

Polyvinyl alcohol is a water soluble polymer which is used in coatings and adhesives. PVOH has excellent film forming, emulsifying and bonding properties. An important factor is the specific degree of hydrolysis for the PVOH.


The Hydrolysis degree is the ratio of
hydrophobic acetate groups and hydrophilic alcohol group. The ratio influences the water resistance of a dry film. A fully hydrolyzed PVOH offers improved water resistance over a partially hydrolyzed PVOH.


The polymerization degree expresses the size of the polymer. It’s a result of the molecular weight of the polymer. Increasing the degree of polymerization results in:

  • Higher viscosity of the liquid (Generally measured in the Brookfield method)
  • The PVOH film offers more adhesion strength
  • Higher resistancy to solvents


  • Paper coatings as a size press film former
  • Binding agent
  • Board coatings as a protein replacement
  • As adhesive for paper boards
  • Water-soluble film useful for packaging
  • As adhesive for wallpaper manufacturing
  • Textile sizing agent
  • In spiral tube winding and solid board production
  • Making solid boards
  • Release liners
  • As carrier of chemicals
  • Optical brightener carrier
  • Mold release for casting, such as epoxies
  • Additive in offset printing fountain solutions
  • Sacrificial coating layer

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