Folder Gluers with Baumer HHS

Having designed and manufactured folder-gluer adhesives since 1972, Intercol has a wealth of experience in this field. Already from the start of Intercol, these adhesive where a focus for our R&D Department. Nowadays, we have utilized the know-how of our technicians, the input of users, and our research and development department, to produce folder gluer adhesives which constantly advances what can be achieved using this inline printing, cutting and gluing process.

Each folder-gluer with Baumer HHS gluing equipment may require specific designed adhesives to deliver the beste performance, high product quality, and excellent reliability. The moment of stacking, used substrates like testliner or kraftliner, white or brown, and water resistance according to TAPPI or FEFCO.

Intercol adhesive with Baumer HHS Gluing equipment

However, our field technicians together with our R&D department succeeded to develop an adhesive that meets the standard requirements in the corrugated folding applications:

  • offering good restart after machine stops
  • UV-detectable
  • Food safe
  • Wide adhesion range
  • Competitively priced
  • Clean running, no satellites, nog spitting, no tailing.

Our adhesive allow our customers to run error free, with quality of the highest standards and every single box glue-checked.

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