New EHM 3417 packaging hot melt adhesive

Hot melt EHM 3417 is a new generation polyolefin hot melt adhesive, water white and free of odour, especially developed for the packaging of food, retailproducts and confectionery industry.

This new PO Hot melt adhesive Provides higher thermal stability and
it doesn’t gel. More different substrates can be bonded in a larger application range. New polyolefin hot melts are colourless and odourless, some grades are BRC certificated and therefor excellently suited for food industry. It’s lower density is reducing consumption without changing the machine settings. Due to its stronger bond, the amount of hot melt can be
further reduced.

Typical characteristics of Polyolefin hot melt adhesives are the withe colour and for packaging a viscosity of 1.000m.pas @160 °C and 1800 m.pas@150 °C, and a ring and ball from 100 °C up to 115 °C

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