EHM 5088 pr25670

EHM 5088 is a fast setting Polyolefine hot melt adhesive. Specially developed for short compression times or high strength packagings.

EHM 5088 is a hot melt adhesive which is used in the packaging industry, e.g. american folding boxes, case erecting, trays and closing cases

EHM 5088 provides an improved adhesion to standard EVA hot melt adhesives. Due to it’s very fast setting speed, standard PO hot melts might better bond on difficult to glue, coated and laminated substrates.
EHM 5088 also provides a high heat resistance of the bond. As Polyolefin based hot melt, it provides very high resistance to thermal oxidation and colour stability in the hot melt tank unit.

Fast setting bonding hot melt.

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