MOSH MOAH FREE PSA hot melt adhesive

EHM 9882 is a MOSH MOAH FREE PSA hot melt adhesive.

This PSA hot melt has been developed as a mineral oil free pressure sensitive adhesive. This pressure sensitive adhesive is suitable for high tack self adhesive tapes and coatings.

MOSH MOAH FREE PSA hot melt adhesive

Foodpackaging adhesives

For several food packaging applications new series of waterbased and hot melt adhesives are available to meet EU and worldwide food contact legislation and various ongoing migration studies. There are several acquaintances in the field of migration of chemical substances from packaging. Some of the substances that have been tested are TX, benzophenone, ESBO, SEM, phthalates, mineral oils, or melamine. The best known for packaging country and certainly when gluing is bisphenol A.

There is a specific range food-safe adhesives available within Intercol. For waterbased adhesives these are marked with SML and for hot melt adhesives these are produced under BRC . With these ranges we comply with all known legislation and guidelines for food packaging within Germany, The Netherlands, UK and in other countries in the EU. These glues also comply with other worldwide laws and regulations, such as FDA, in virtually all cases.

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