Cord strapping hot melt

Hot Melt polyester strappings are produced with help of a special developed range of hot melt adhesives. Hotmelt adhesives increase the ease of use and quality of strapping. This type of hot melt coated straps can be used with different hot melt grades depending on adhesion strenghth and non-slip properties.

Cord strapping hot melt standard products

Advantages of hot melt coated straps:

◆   High strength, ease to handle

  • no linear breaking & system strength

◆   Resistance to sudden impact – absorbing shock

◆   Manual tensioning using simple tools

◆   Cost effective

◆  No Rusting and No Rottin

Hotmelt vs waterbased coatings

Cold glues have historically been used, however due to
better strength, performance and stability in cold / wet conditions [cold
glue would deteriorate] hot melt adhesives are now predominantly preferred

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