Adhesives for Holweg & Weber machines

Intercol has a range of adhesives for bag & sack manufacturing machines of e.g. Holweg & Weber. Our range includes

  • Dry powder starch adhesives
    • food grade virgin potatoe starch
  • PVOH dry granules
  • Waterbased liquid starch adhesives
  • Waterbased dispersion adhesives
  • Food safe adhesives (1935/2004/EG), Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM, 10/2011/EG), BfR, BRC, FDA.
  • Waterbased hybrid adhesives (starch, PVOH & dispersion (EVA, PVAC, Acrylates)
  • Hot melt adhesives (EVA, PO, PUR, PSA)
  • Problem solving adhesives for difficult to bond substrates, such as plastic laminates, grease resistant papers, wax coated papers, PLA.
  • Deep freeze resistant adhesives
  • Microwave and oven resistant adhesives
Holweg & Weber machine with adhesive application
Bag & sack manufacuring adhesives

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