Adhesives for Valco Melton systems

Intercol has a range of adhesives for several Valco Melton adhesive systems.

524 Series Cold Glue Valves and BoardRunner® Contact Glue Station

For contact nozzles, our range of VA 762 adhesives for standard applications, VA 517 for coated cardboards, VA 611 for laminated cardboards.

3NC Tri-Valve, Non-Contact Glue Station

For non contact glues Intercol has a dedicated range of adhesives, such as for side seam bonding on inliner flexo folder gluers.

  • VA 515 series for standard applications
  • VA 898 series for coated cartons
  • VA 623 series for laminated cartons
  • VA 906 series for fast setting, short compression, high stress bonds
  • VA 620 series for waterresistant PE bonds
  • VA 284 series for waterresistant bonds

Clear vision detection

For the clear vision system Intercol can offer both, a standard detectable UV Adhesive, as well as a new food safe UV detectable adhesive.

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