American folding boxes

Intercol has an broad range of adhesives, such as inliner folder gluer adhesives used when producing american folding boxes, as well as hot melt adhesives for closing these boxes at End-of-line applications.

Folder gluing side seam adhesives

For side seam applications we offer adhesives for high speed folder gluers, including UV detectable food safe solutions. Homopolymer PVAC and Copolymer EVA dispersion adhesives. Excellent clean running properties, exceptional good start after a 30min. microstop. First box is sellable.

Carton sealing end of line

For end of line applications we offer hot melts based on EVA and Polyolefin, Polyolefin, may also be known als PO or Metallocene.

Our Polyolefin hot melts can be supplied with a BRC certification, for food packaging purposes.

Our EVA based hotmelt EHM 5836 is 70% biobased and might help end of line packaging application to meet environmental goals.

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