Automotive – PSA hot melt adhesives

Intercol’s hot melt adhesives are used by automotive manufacturers because our hot melt adhesives noticeably improve product quality and appearance because they can dispense with nails, screws and other unsightly fixings. The automotive industry uses our hot melt adhesives range to bond foam, acoustic composites, trim, headliner components and other sub assembly products. We have also successfully developed hot melt adhesives to provide exceptional longevity, superioradhesion to a wide range of metals and plastics and the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 120°C.

EHM 8050 is a high performance pressure sensitive adhesive, which exhibits excellent resistance
to high and low temperatures. EHM 8050 combines high levels of tack, shear and peel, making it
ideal for demanding applications such as those found in the automotive industry

EHM 9032 is a pressure sensitive adhesive that has been formulated to have good
adhesion to a variety of substrates. EHM 9032 exhibits excellent cohesive strength,
which is recommended for applications where a strong bond and a high sheer strength are
required. EHM 9032 can be used in the bonding of various interior automotive lining
materials and used with foam applications with a good degree of heat resistance.

Technical specifications standard automotive PSA hot melts

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