Clearboxes hotmelts

Hotmelt adhesives for clearboxes

PET & PP clear boxes

EHM 9306 has been developed specifically to bond PET & PP clear boxes and exhibits a high level of adhesion. EHM 9306 can be used where a very high adhesion is required in the finished product.
Special properties of the adhesive:

  • High adhesion on difficult substrates
  • Good degree of heat resistance in finished product
  • Good stability giving a clear glue line

Clearboxes PUR hotmelt

PUR HM 145 is used in the packaging industry. After curing PUR HM 145 has a high cold and heat resistance. Bondings are resistant to water and fairly good to solvents. The cured bonding has high mechanical properties, high initial tack and high initial bond strength

PUR HM 145 can be applied by nozzle-, roller- and spray equipment.

Suggested cleaning agent is HMC 400/145

Please read the datasheet, TDS and SDS, before using any of our products.

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