Copolymer-based adhesive

For normal and coated paper and board qualities

Special features: This adhesive developed for side-gluing of corrugated carton. Suitable for a variety of corrugated carton. Special properties of the adhesive:  Well sprayable  Clean running and therefore good restart  Little contamination at the nozzle  Fast setting speed Technical data: Composition : Dispersion adhesive based on co-polymer Brookfield viscosity : 2000 mPa.s ( HAT; spindle 3; 50 rpm; 20°C) Solid content : 54,2 % pH : 5,0 Colour : White Application in EU food packaging: Conform European Regulations on Food Safety set forth in the frame work law (1935/2004/EG) and the Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM, 10/2011/EG), this adhesive can be safely used in food packaging. It is the duty of the converter to test the final products’ food safety. Method of application: suited for nozzle and wheel. Cleaning: Cleaning can be performed with water. Packaging: 30 kgs. drum – 1000 ltr container. Storage: Keep the containers closed and store preferably at room temperature. The adhesive is sensitive to frost. Shelf life is six months.

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