Klebstoffe zur Kennzeichnung von Bierflaschen

When you drink an ice cold beer on a indian summer day, you’re probably not thinking about the glue that bonds the label to the bottle. You don’t have t, we will help labelling lines to choose the right adhesive for labeling beer bottles.

Our adhesives can withstand ice cold and refrigerator temperatures, in combination with water from ice or condensation.

If non ICE water resistant adhesivers are used naked bottles and floating labels will hide you’r favorite brand in mostly a indistinctable brown bottle.

Whether you are using a Langguth or a Krones Cold-glue Labeller for your beer bottle labeling, Intercol has a range of labelling adhesives based on casein or synthetic raw materials. These polymer based glues can be formulated to work on a wide range of rotary and inline labellers. Standard our labelling adhesives bond to cold, wet bottles and provides ice-proof bonds. Ideal for beer bottles.

Our standard AA 590 beer bottle adhesive provides:
  • Excellent wet tack
  • Non dried adhesive are easy to clean with water
  • Low odor
  • Applicable to cold, wet bottles
  • Ice water resistant bond
  • Fast setting
  • High fiber tear
Technical Properties of Intercol’s quick setting labelling beer bottle glue
Technical datasheet P 590 series (K2989)

Special features:

LABELLING: (K2989) is a synthetic ice water resistant adhesive for glass bottle labelling (wet and dry).

The adhesive exhibits excellent flow properties and can be used on most automatic labelli ng machines.

:K2989 has a long open time and good tack properties, short setting time and is very good on cold/wet bottles.

This adhesive has been perfumed on request.

Technical data:  
Composition   : Dispersion adhesive based on acrylates
Brookfield viscosity : 80.000 mPa.s (HAT; spindle 7; 20 rpm; 20°C)
Solid content : 41,0 %
pH : 8,4
Colour : Off white

Application in US food packaging:

Conform to FDA CFR 21§ 175.105 (adhesives)

Method of application:

A working temperature between 20°C and 30°C usually gives the best result.

P 591/1 K8 can be applied by wheel and roller systems.


Cleaning can be performed with water.


25 kgs. drum. – 1000 ltr. container.


Keep the containers closed and preferably store at room temperature.

The adhesive is sensitive to frost.

The shelf life is 6 months.

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