Food-safe cleaning agent for gluing

At Intercol you can also use cleaning agents to remove glue residues. Of course it is better to prevent pollution from the use of adhesives, our adhesive specialists can advise you on this.
But sometimes the pollution is unavoidable and causes problems in your production process.

From now on it is possible to use a cleaning agent that has a Food Safe approval, namely PD-500 FS.
PD-500 FS has been extensively tested by a German testing institute with migration tests on primary and secondary packaging. The result of these tests is that this cleaning agent does not migrate through packaging and therefore does not come into contact with food.
If you want to test this detergent in your production, please contact us for a free sample!
PD-100 and PD-500 FS are available from Intercol in 5 liter jerry cans.

No hazard labels on the PD 500 FS hot melt and adhesive cleaner

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