Hot melt and glue at the Empack Birmingham

Intercol is present at the Empack in Birmingham, where we would like to share all technical details about our range of adhesives and hot melts. Especially food-safe adhesives in the packaging industry, both UV Detectable water-based adhesives, and end-of-line packaging hotmelts. In addition to a strong, sophisticated standard range of adhesives, we also offer specials that can solve a customer-specific problem, such as the adhesion on difficult substrates, high or low temperatures, or the detection of glue on different color cardboard in the corrugated board industry.

If manufacturer of adhesives Intercol can formulate a glue to your specific needs, the most efficient or best performing glue. Available from stock in consultation.

New range for the corrugated and folding cardboard industry

Over the years, Intercol has been an important manufacturer of adhesives used in the corrugated, folding and folding cardboard industry. 
By rapidly setting up adhesives and fine-tuning them, which can be used very cleanly and can be used for both contact and non-contact spray and wheel applications, these modern types have been able to solve many problems end users have been struggling with for years. 
Intercol has developed these adhesives in close collaboration with manufacturers of machine manufacturers (OEM) and application manufacturers in recent years. This has enabled us to build up extensive expertise in field and market. 
The latest adhesive formulations solve problems with fish tail and / or open boxes during squaring, due to their high wet-tack and fast curing speed. 
Intercol and UK partner: The Adhesive Company (ahs) Ltd can offer you suitable glues based on more than 40 years of experience. 
Our close collaboration with OEM and Application Equipment manufacturers in combination with our adequate and skilled R & D laboratory enables us to offer you a specific glue formulation that is tailored to your needs. 
We are very interested in finding or developing the best possible score for your operation that offers: 
• efficient production 
• less downtime of the machine 
• lower glue costs

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