Glue Knowledge Week 2020

In February 2020 it's glue course week again. The course is new this year PUR hotmelts.

Intercol gives all its customers and other relations the opportunity to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of adhesives. In addition to the knowledge gained, the interaction of various present experience experts is always an interesting addition.

Labeling adhesives Course

The course labeling glue was a first in 2018. An additional explanation of the program:

- Labeling adhesives, full-face, for inline labeling machines such as Langguth, and carousel machines such as Krones

-Melt melt labeling adhesives, for inline labeling with Langguth and Krones, with roller or spray glue.

-Typical applications, subdivided per type of packaging and / or per type of product to be packaged.

-Technical properties of the adhesives, such as basic raw materials, viscosity and solids.

- Explanation of test and comparison methods, such as adhesion, water resistance, setting time.

-Typical problems, challenges and solutions in practice

-Products of self-adhesive labels, where also a self-adhesive hotmelt is often applied.

-Generate the area of ​​labels: paper qualities and linerless developments

-Presentation and cold glue demo label machine from a supplier of various types of labeling machines.

Round-trip through production and laboratories Intercol.


The course days start at about 9.30 in Ede, are free for guests and are provided with a lunch.


More information about ao. sign up can be found on the link below:


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