Flexo Folder Gluer adhesives

Intercol has a range of adhesives for corrugated boxes produced on Flexo Folder Gluers. Folder Gluers with adhesive detection systems based on visual camera systems are designed to deliver quality boxes to your customers but also to increase throughput and reduce box spoilage.

Perfect machine start / stop or Intercol Inliner adhesives

Featuring Unique perfect start-stop

Intercol's adhesives are special formulated for flexo folder gluers, and the most precise and reliable glue application. When using high pressure non-contact applications, our adhesive provide the best start up after a break, machine stop or micro stop.

With the optimize adhesive for your folder gluer spotted or dashed glue patterns will decrease significantly. Reducing the amount or adhesive better running machines are reality. Or course without compromising the bond. For glue inspection purposes we are unique visible and UV-visible colorants.

There is less use of an auto-flush system with Intercol's adhesive. Daily practice learns that most auto-flush systems are dry and are not used by operators. By using the right machine settings, users or our adhesives are eliminating costly downtime.


  • Reduce glue consumption, downtime and waste
  • Simple startup after microstop or break.
  • First boxes are sellable
  • No skewing, smearing or wiping


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