Carton sealing

"End of Line" packaging hotmelt adhesives

Intercol has a complete range of adhesives for the packaging industry. Sealing boxes, gluing trays and applying glue on to of boxes and bags to realize pallet stabilization.

Intercol also acts as development partner in adhesive applications, thinking along with you in terms of efficiency in your production process, the prevention of disruptions and provide expert advice.

Our standard packaging hotmelts are suitable for use in cold and hot production areas. A range of hot melt adhesives is available for both EVA, and polyolefin technology.

Polyolefin hot melts - BRC

Polyolefin hotmelts include metallocene hotmelts, a specific group of polyolefin polymers. The unique thermostable properties and a short solidification path make polyolefine hotmelts extremely suitable for high speed applications in the packaging industry.

New Polyolefin hotmelts often offer the following advantages over EVA:

  • Thermally very stable
  • No gelation
  • Viscosity stable in function of time and temperature
  • Color stable, transparent.
  • Good machine running properties
  • Very good flow and extrusion properties.
  • Shorter setting times, faster machines.
  • More economical use, less glue, more volume per Kg.
  • Adhesion on hard-to-bond substrates, PE / PP / PET, more fiber bonding.
  • Extremely high and low temperature resistance (hot fill, frozen)

Standard hotmelts applications:

  • Standard packaging
  • BRC (food) certified adhesives
  • Auction boxes, fruit and vegetables
  • Folding cartons
  • Deep freeze applications
  • Warm conditions (hot fill, export overseas)
  • Sift-proof packaging

Standard series packaging hot melts

In addition to the standard series of packaging hot melts, around 2,000 species have been developed for specific applications.

Datasheets and product information

Packtack Standard - EHM 5002

Packtack Solve  - EHM 5102 - Solves often seen issues with setting speed, laminateds, deepfreeze and coatings.

Packtack Fast - EHM 5088 - Fast setting hot melt and high temperature resistance

Packtack Slow - EHM 9442 - Long open time, short compression time - fast setting.

Packtack Low - EHM 5114 - Hot melt applicable at approx. 120 degrees celcius

Packtack Adhesion - EHM 5110 - Hot melt that bonds to plastic substrates such as PET-PVC-PE-PP

Packtack ECO - EHM 9354 - Low cost yellow EVA Hotmelt for packaging

Packtack BIO - EHM 5836 - 70% biobased hot melt packaging adhesive

Superjet range for folder gluers

Food grade waterbased adhesives in the cardboard industry.

In addition to being supplier of the "End of line" packaging users, who often use hotmelt, Intercol is also a leading manufacturer of adhesives in the entire cartonboard process (such as folding cardboard and corrugated boarding). For example, there is a specific, demonstrably safe SML adhesive series for primary and secondary food packaging. You can read more about SML adhesives here.



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Food Safe UV Detectable folder gluing adhesives