Converting has various applications for the composition of various materials. Lamination and coating. A very well-known market is the production of self-adhesive materials such as self-adhesive tapes and labels with PSA hot melt.

A large part of our PSA hot melt range concerns specially formulated hot melt coatings for the production of self-adhesive materials. Various requirements can play a role such as:

- Cohesive strength
- Peel
- Heat resistance
- Adhesive force, cq. tack
- Attachment

For various specialist applications we therefore stock standard products in our warehouse, such as:

- Self-adhesive tapes
- Self-adhesive labels
- Peelable labels (removable)
- Insulation materials
- Security closures
- Posters
- Insect catchers
- "dry peel" applications

Pack sizes range from 0.5 kg, fusible plastic foil blocks to 175 kg drums.