Removable hot melt adhesives

Removable adhesives are known from notepads, bank cards and gift cards that are stuck on a letter or card, but also from numerous industrial and consumer applications. Many removable hot melt adhesives are also recognized as peelable or repositionable. Most removable hot melt adhesives are based on rubber, the degree of adhesion can be adjusted with the amount of resin in the recipe.

EHM 6922 is a low tack peelable pressure sensitive adhesive. It has a low viscosity and is clear in color. It can also be used for re-sealable and temporary bonding applications

EHM 6884 is a peelable pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive with a medium peel value. It has been formulated to be non-migrating, and remain on the surface it was applied to. EHM 6884 is clear in color, allowing use on clear films. It can be used as an adhesive for re-sealable polybags where a differential re-sealable bond is required. Other uses can also be used for pallet stabilization or cases using cardboard or plastic films

EHM 7702 is a high tack, high peel strength peelable pressure sensitive adhesive
for use on a wide range of substrates, including those with lower surface energy.
EHM 7702 has been formulated to have high enough tack to cope with adhering to
'difficult' substrates, while having good cohesive strength that allows it to remain a
peelable product

Technical specifications standard peelable range