Glue Engineers

Intercol is an adhesive manufacturer with extensive expertise its laboratories and in technical applications. In addition to being able to use the right raw materials and additives optimally and creatively, we understand the machine parameters and the technical side of both the machine and the adhesives.

Our "sales engineers" are therefore technically trained and have practical experience with machines from various industries.

Thoroughly understanding the machine properties and laying the chemical possibilities in addition, we aim to achieve the best possible result for the production environment of our customers.


  • Develop a foodgrade, biobased, compostable and biodegradable adhesive for paper laminations
  • Develop an adhesive that realizes a higher compression strength
  • Develop a food safe self adhesive pressure sensitive glue
  • Develop an adhesive that meets Toy Directive 2009/48 / EC and liquid and sticky toy materials
  • Temporary bond of a paper roll (pick up gluing, tail gluing)
  • Develop biobased hot melt to bond foam
  • Temporary bond glass to metal
  • Make a pallet with production materials. No additional pallet needed.
  • Replace pallet wrap foil with hot melt glue stabilization
  • Develop an adhesive that bonds to shrink wrap foil
  • Replace distance holders by a hot melt spacer
  • Improve the UV stabilization of our PUR hot melt
  • Improve the properties of a customer supplied PVOH blend
  • Develop a special coating for agri products
  • Develop a special coating for animal products
  • Develop and produce a certified vegan adhesive
  • Develop and produce a CIT / MIT (biocide) free adhesive
  • Reduce production stops for folder gluers
  • Reduce maintenance on hot melt adhesive systems
  • Decrease machine stops due to adhesive related errors
  • Increase water resistance for side seam glue
  • Develop food safe UV-detectable folder gluing adhesive
  • Reduce the number of adhesives used
  • The most efficient adhesive for our new machine
  • more example projects