Laminating adhesives

Laminating and caching are similar techniques. Caching is a term that is often used in the cardboard processing industry, where cardboard is provided with a nice printed layer.

Laminating in the packaging sector is mainly bringing layers together on often an underlying cardboard. These can be plastic films, leathers, PVC.

The most commonly used adhesives for laminates in the cardboard and packaging sector are Intercols VA 800 series for bonding all kinds of laminates including PVC, for specific plastic foils, an adhesive from the AA 600 series is usually used.

Lamination is also widely used in the wood and furniture industry, with PVAc glue or PUR hot melts.

Laminating roller
Lamination of textile and tape
PUR hot melt laminating honeycomb
Pur hot melt flat lamination

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