Toll manufacturing

There are many reasons why you can mix your products with Intercol. In recent years it has become increasingly common for companies to outsource work to specialized partners who can use know-how and work more efficiently. Intercol has proven to many reputable relations to be a strong partner in Western Europe.

We offer you our expertise!


  • advanced analytical techniques;
  • well-equipped quality laboratory with 2 specialized employees;
  • expert staff;
  • process, and product development

mixing and blending:

  • low viscous waxes and resins
  • highly viscous blends of various polymers
  • mixing dextrin, PVOH or other powder products;
  • dissolving and blending powders in water;
  • mixing polymer dispersions;
  • mixing polyurethanes

conditioning of thermoplastic products (eg hotmelt adhesives):

  • prilling to 'free flowing' powder;
  • pastillating products with a low to medium viscosity;
  • granulation of products;
  • packaging self-adhesive hotmelt adhesives (film wrapped or silicone paper);

emulsions & dispersions:

  • water-based wax, resin and polymer dispersions;
  • waxes, resins or polymers;
  • bulk storage capacity, expertise for logistics at the end user;
  • delivery in bulk, semi-bulk and barrels;

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Contract mixing and production of water-based liquids