Private label adhesives and hot melts

Intercol supports marketing and sales networks such as distributors by also offering private label and private label options. We deliver in various customer-specific, industrial packaging and tailor-made adhesives for specific applications and machines. Our network is very strong in Europe, and there is extensive expertise and experience with worldwide import and export. Our adhesives travel all over the world, such as to South and North America, Asian, Russian, African, Chinese and Australian destinations.

With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, Intercol Adhesives has grown to be one of the foremost suppliers and manufacturer of adhesives in Europe. In addition to the glue production, the strength of our adhesives lies in the development and continuous refining of the glue solutions and glue products, so that industrial processes and processing, in particular, can take place as optimally and efficiently as possible. As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we know that every company has its own specific requirements and applications. Thanks to our experienced technical field service, we offer specialized solutions time and time again that meet the wishes and requirements of our customers in order to enable new developments and business growth for our customers. Our flexible attitude allows our customers to realize a short "time to market", and thus for years ahead with unique applications in industries such as construction, assembly, packaging and cardboard.

We offer an extensive range of adhesives and mixtures thereof based on, for example, PVA emulsion, UAE emulsion, acrylic, construction adhesives, PVAc, starches, PVOH, hot melt, dextrin and animal adhesives.

Hot melt glue production

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