Casting resins

Intercol has specialist knowledge in the field of casting resins.

Roughly, the resins can be divided into the following categories:

Stuffed casting resins
Intercol has extensive experience with 2K Polyurethane systems and their applications for electronics.
Our casting resins are widely used in casting systems for transformers, motors, switch boxes, electronics.

Transparent casting resins
Intercol has developed a series of transparent Polyurethanes, especially for sustainable applications in light and energy technology. These robust Polyurethanes are ideally suited for outdoor applications, as casting resin in special devices with LEDs and / or solar cells, or as binders for durable stone carpeting.
Characteristics are: Completely transparent, 100% UV stable, no aging or yellowing due to artificial or sunlight, weather and wind resistant

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Hot melt casting

Intercol offers a low pressure casting process, based on a thermoplastic resin, in order to offer high quality sealing and protection of components. This process is much faster than the traditional 2 component casting resin method, and is based on a fraction of the capital costs of injection molding.

This is a process innovation that is between the 2K casting resin and the injection molding industry. There is less risk of damaging vulnerable components due to the "low pressure system". The process is very simple: glue gun, stick in it, and pour.

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Introductory film hot melt casting