Most Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastics
Unlike water-based and solvent adhesive systems, hot melt adhesives are 100% solid. Hot melt is often used because of:

- Fast setting (short fibre tear time)
- Broad adhesion range (difficult plastic substrates)
- Easy processing.
- Applicable for non-porous substrates.

Intercol has standard a wide range of hot melt adhesives for various applications availble from stock. Read more about this here.
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Polyolefin hotmelts

Futura hotmelts have been unique for decades. Because of the unique raw materials, these are clear, odorless, thermostable and therefore ideal for demanding, safe, quality-proof, trouble-free production.

PUR Hotmelt

PUR hotmelts are hot melt adhesives that after cooling and reaching solid state which enables a rapid bond, another chemical process of cross-linking starts. Cross-linking ensures that the hot melt no longer melts when reheated. In addition, the adhesion to the materials often becomes stronger as part of cross-linking with the surface to be glued.

Hot melt adhesive application with Nordson

Futura packaging hot melts

  • Futura 1, standard
  • Futura 51, problem solver for eg coated paper
  • Futura 56, for plastics
  • Futura 57, low melt
  • Futura 42, heat resistant

Futura wood hotmelts

  • Profile wrapping
    • Futura 301, Standard, heat resistant
    • Futura 303, for PVC films
  • Edgebanding
    • Futura 307, standard
    • Futura 308, highly viscous, high tack, no expression.

Futura PSA hotmelts

  • Futura 803
  • HMcare 501

Futura label hotmelts

  • Futura 801, standard
  • Futura 802, not up-to-date
  • Futura 803, HS, low visco, flexible
  • Futura 804, non-staining

Futura assembly hotmelts

  • Futura 51, standard
  • Futura 503, plastics, long open time, standing power
  • HMCare 501, self-adhesive
  • Futura 56, plastics

Futura bookbinding hotmelts

  • Futura 101, back glue
  • Futura 102, hard and fast back glue
  • Futura 103, side glue

Futura nonwoven hotmelts

  • BAMCare 501, general, skin contact tested
  • BAMCare 502, general, low melt
  • BAMCare 503, high heat resistance
  • BAMCare 504, not self-adhesive
  • BAMCare 505, extra cohesive
  • BAMCare 511, Elastic, skin contact
  • BAMCare 513, extra elastic
  • BAMCare 521, Fixation
  • BAMCare 522, Fixaite + assembly
  • BAMCare 523, Attachment