Gluing with starch is initially thought of potato starch glues, other known types are wheat starch and maize starch. Starch adhesives are much in dry form, cold-soluble and hot-soluble. Intercol makes both pure liquid starch adhesives and also hybrid liquid glues of starch.

Starch as a Biobased and biodegradable glue

Starch is a very suitable raw material for use as biobased and biodegradable glue. At Intercol we have the expertise to mix starches with other adhesives and additives, such as dextrins, caseins and proteins. Many food-safe additives, such as preservatives, tackifiers and adhesion promoters, can also be added.

Wallpaper adhesives from starch

Intercol makes liquid wallpaper adhesives. Starch on a powder base is used as the most important raw material for wallpaper glue. In addition to using these raw materials ourselves, we also supply these dry powders to other industrial customers in bags of 15 kg.

Glue paper bags

The production speed of paper bag machines is constantly increasing, which also increases the demand for high-quality adhesives. Intercol developed application-specific adhesives with a very consistent quality.

Wrap the sleeve

Modified starch adhesives, such as dextrins, are regularly used for the production of cardboard sleeves. Dextrin adhesives have a high wet adhesion. Due to the low amount of moisture, the drying time is also relatively short. It is used for:

  • paper wrappers
  • fiber barrels
  • grits
  • protective packaging
  • food packaging

Poster gluing

Poster gluing is still widely used for temporary publications of events such as pop concerts and elections. The application can be done with short and long brushes or glue rollers. A whole range of adhesives is available.

Production of gummed tape

In the production of water-activated, re-wettable and gummed paper tape, high initial wet adhesion, fast fiberization and good application are important characteristics that our developers have included in the range of starch adhesives that are available for this purpose.