A strong permanent bond is essential for bookbinding and graphic applications. Intercol has a wide range of adhesives that match various applications. Books and bound editions must have a high durability, temperature and moisture resistance and the adhesives must give a strong adhesion on various surfaces.

Intercol's extensive product portfolio has many specific adhesives that are used in the printing industry. Various products meet requirements for the highest production speeds and the widest adhesion and temperature range.

Also suitable for all melt-on-demand systems and digital printing

In the field of page pull tests aging and flexibility offer the various EVA. PO, and PUR hot melt techniques have many perspectives. PUR hot melts are most resistant to most inks and solvents, preventing adhesive errors.


Hardcover and Softcover Books

Bookbinding has changed from large print runs to small-scale production of many different editions in the past decade. This change is also noticeable in the glues used to make books. Intercol offers a wide range of solutions for binding hardback and paperback books with sufficient adhesive strength to withstand extreme temperature and humid conditions.

Our range of adhesives is built on standard products that run cleanly and adhere well to both standard and digitally printed paper. PUR hot melts in particular solve potential adhesion problems due to the use of oils and coatings


Back gluing

The backbone of a catalog, book or magazine is the most demanding area, requiring a unique combination of products and processes to withstand long-term storage and repetitive heavy use.




Delivery from stock and just-in-time

Lower storage costs and just-in-time delivery are an important feature of Intercol






Types of glue for bookbinding


Waterbased Adhesives



Applications in bookbinding

Back glues

Side gluing


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