What is APAO hot melt?

Hot melt adhesives can be found everywhere, and APAO hot melts are often used when an EVA hot melt cannot meet all requirements. APAO technology is therefore usually quite unique and is used in the production of special packaging to furniture manufacturing and automotive assembly. But what makes an APAO hot melt so good?

Technical properties

Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin (APAO), are made up of chains of propylene, ethylene and / or butene, and a catalyst system

There are various types of APAO hot melts, based on Homopolymers, Copolymers. Of course we can make various blends to achieve optimal performance for your application, while keeping in mind that a cheaper solution is always desired.

APAO hot melt can be mixed with the most common hot melt additives that are also used in EVAs or Polyolefin / metallocene hot melts.

What is the correct APAO hot melt?

You are probably looking for a hot melt because you are already using it in your production, or want to start using it because of the fast processing times in production environments. Ultimately, most applications benefit from one of our 2500 pre-existing hot melt adhesives from which we usually draw. This saves time and costs. Our hot melt laboratory is usually available in the short term to perform an adhesive test with your materials, under the desired production parameters. Below you will find a small selection from our range of assembly hot melt adhesives.

Assembly hot melt adhesives

Production of glue

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