Water-Based Paper / Packaging Adhesives

Intercol has an extensive range of paper and packaging adhesives, for hot melt adhesive, visit our hot melt product page.

  • Intercol's 800 series water-based adhesive are based on a copolymer dispersion. Applied for gluing different types or foil as window patching in folding boxes. Suitable for wheel, roller and segment application.
  • Intercol's range of bag manufacturing adhesives, including bottom paste adhesive based on a copolymer dispersion to bond coated papers. Also useable for bottom, top gluing and side seam in single wall paper bags.
  • Copolymer and homopolymer EVA and polyvinylacetate dispersion. 515/100 series and 900/4 series. Applied for gluing standard papers and board qualities in the corrugated and solid packaging industry. Engineered to be applied with segment, nozzle and roller applications.
  • Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) solutions that are soluble in water , our R&D can develop the right product depending on its degree of hydrolysis, molecular weight. Also the tendency to hydrogen bond and water resistancy after application. Workarounds for PVA being critical in solubility temperatures and our R&D and production is experienced in solubilize PVA in water.
  • EHM 508X series water white metallocene hot melt with short to medium open time and fast setting for standard packaging applications and deep freeze applications some special hot melt formulations where high heat resistance is needed, such as export products. EHM 508X range of hot melt adhesives is formulated for bonded corrugated and wrap around boxes, folding cartons, trays, vegetable, food and on request with BRC certification.
  • Many customer specific manufactured polyvinylacetate dispersions, customer made for several applications, side seam corrugated inliners, top seam or flour bags, side seam or single wall bags. Or as a second adhesive on sealing American folding boxes in combination with hot melt. Suitable for nozzle and wheel application.

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