Food safe UV Detection

In combination with adhesive detection systems such as Baumer HHS, WH Leary, Valco Melton’s ClearVision and Vistron Intercol has leading products for producing perfect boxes. With vision-based inspection of adhesives for corrugated box manufacturing.

UV detectable adhesives

Glued Lap Adhesives

Intercol’s standard range of non-contact adhesives for glued lap applications includes food safe, UV Detactable and machine specific viscosities. Other grades are available wheel applicatio and contact extrusion application equipment. Our adhesive range includes grades with excellent tack, fast set speed, and high water resistance. Even on difficult to adhere plastic substrates we have adhesives from stock available that provide strong adherence to a wide variety of substrates. Research can be done in our laboratory to ensure specific corrugated coatings will make a good to bond.

Superjet Standard range for folder gluers

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