Hot melt Polyolefin: a cleaner, safer and more efficient production process

Polyolefin hot melt adhesives are known as self-cleaning, because the results, even in old used equipment, are clean tanks and free-flowing nozzles, problem free running pumps and no clogged filters. Help yourself maintaining easy a production line. These hot melt formulations won’t carbonise, coal or char like standard yellow EVA hot melt adhesives. Most polyolefin formulations offer non-tainting properties and is therefore ofte used for sealing packaging for food, even sensible foodstuffs such as chocolate, dairy, confectionery. Some polyolefin formulations offer exceptional high resistance to specific oils in e.g. tea such as bergamot and peppermint (EHM 5088) . Specific hot melt glues in the EHM 508x range run at lower temperatures (120°C, 130°C, 140°C), saving energy, further lowering hot melt degradation and reducing the risk of burns in relation to high temperature applicated to standard hot melts.

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