Hotmelt that bonds to water and Grease Resistant Coatings

Polyolefine and metallocene hot melts are, when it comes to hot melts for packaging, the most versatilite and high performance hot melt adhesives. You might be looking for a solution to bond:
• Recycled board
• Grease resistant board
• Dense/compact fibre board
• Wax or PE coated board
• Metal to plastics or board
• Metallised polyester board
• Film laminated board

Grease resistant surface adhesion testing kit

With Intercol’s expertise you can stay you ahead of your competitors with innovative packaging concepts. Our adhesives are formulated to offer:
• Versatile performance – lower inventory costs
• High thermal stability – lower maintenance costs
• Cleaner running – lower downtime costs
• Superior adhesion to a wide range of materials
• Low temperature flexibility, high heat resistance
• No fumes, no smell, no tainting
• No char, no gel, no nozzle blockages
• Food contact approvals

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