Viscositeit (hotmelt)

Mate van stromingsweerstand van een vloeistof:

  • Meetmethode: Brookfield HAT
  • Eenheid: millipascal seconden (mPa.s) of centipoise (cP)

Lage viscositeit: vloeibaar (water)
Hoge viscositeit: pasteus (stroop)

Viscosity measurement of a hot melt


  • A measure of resistance to the flow of a liquid
    • Measured on a Brookfield viscometer and thermosel according to ASTM D 3236
    • The viscosity of a hot melt drops as the
      temperature increases
  • Low viscosity – Water
  • High viscosity – treacle
  • Unit of viscosity – Poise, centipoise (cPs) or millipascal seconds (mPas)