Inliner folder gluer adhesives

Intercol offers a range of special adhesives, for EG. Baumer HHS and Valco gluing equipment. These can be run at machines like:

  • Bobst
  • Escomat
  • Jagenberg
  • Keck
  • Tannabe
  • Nadzeyca
  • Vega
  • Mitsubishi
  • JD Engineers
  • Martin
  • Emba
  • BGM
  • Isowa
  • Bahmuller

For these folder gluer adhesives Intercol has a range of adhesives available.

Reduce microstops

Using the right adhesive, can reduce the number of microstops significantly. Splashing and spitting of adhesive in the machine give machine polutions and can cause camera-detection and positioning errors and faulty glued cartons.

Start up after a stop is also an important waste factor. Intercol’s adhesives are designed to provide a problem free, first box is sellable, start up after a stop of 15 or 30 minutes.

Food safety

European regulations and food packaging manufacturers become more responsible for their products. In addition, environmental solutions are required by consumers. Combining 100% quality with UV detectable adhesives with food packaging grade adhesive “SML” adhesives are the best solution in your box manufacturing process.

Running faster and faster

To enable our customers to run faster and faster on folder gluer machines, Intercol contineously develope adhesives and provides technical support. See our Corrugated newsletter for more information.

Food safe uv detectable adhesives for folder gluers

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