Low application temperature hot melt adhesives

Low application hot melt adhesives are an important innovation in our range of packaging hot melts. With a promising trend to increase safety, less energy usage and less maintenaince needed for hot melt adhesive equipment.

Low application temperature hot melt adhesive

Save energy

Within todays consumer goods manufacturing , efficiencies and throughput are often a key factor. With technologies that are available, it’s not acceptable that adhesive applications cause major downtime and delays.  If char, plugged nozzles or boxes that pop open cause to production delays we can advice you to change to one of our hot melt or waterbased products today. Of course, every application has it’s typical needs, therefore our “adhesive engineers” are availble locally and fast, solving adhesive issues on the production floor.

Less maintenaince

Hot melt adhesives tend to degrade, coal and char when left heated at 160°C in the melting tank, hoses and applicators. Extremes may already start degrading after 10 minuts, most hot melt adhesives need several hours or days before serious degrading occurs. Hotmelt adhesive degradation  is a process of breaking down polymer chains, the hotmelt will darken, the viscosity changes and char may starts to form, most seen on the top in the glue tank. Adhesive performance will increase and finally it may cause blocked nozzles or expose in failures in the retailer’s shop.

EHM 5114 low temperature hot melt adhesive

Low application temperature hot melt adhesives can improve production efficiencies and reduce downtime. Hot melt adhesives for e.g. case and carton sealing adhesives applications can be applied at lower temperatures down to 95°C.  Together with the new thermal stable polyolefin polymers, this lower temperature increases the tank life time of a hotmelt adhesive.  Other advantages are:

  • Prolong hot melt adhesive equipment
  • Decreases maintenance costs on adhesive equipment
  • Shorter start-up times.
Technical datasheet low application temperature hot melt
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