Manufacturing Improvements and Getting Lean

Are rising Kraft paperboard costs eliminating profits in your corrugated box manufacturing company? In practically every country in the world there are real opportunities to increase corrugated manufacturing profits by improving the folder gluing operations.

Folder gluing Improvements

Two most common corrugated box defects:

  • Improperly glued or unglued box defects
  • Not square boxes or manufacturer’s gap not up to specification requirements

By testing our adhesives with the required and advice glue system settings and maintenance we can provide a quick return on investment (ROI).

Corrugated glue adhesive detection

Updating Old Systems to Save Time & Resources

More and more outdated equipment such as older extrusion systems, glue stations and glue wheels have a dramatic effect on the inliners efficiency. Not only will these systems have more breakdowns and give frantic searches for obsolete spare parts, but these are also decreasing manufacturing profits. The glue systems of nowadays offer pattern controls, start stop, and advanced glue dosing. Modern adhesive systems are able to apply proper amounts of glue and cut down on wasted boards and adhesive costs to improve your bottom line efficiency.

Improving Efficiency Through Automated glue Inspection Systems

New technology will make your operations more efficient. An automated manufacturing glue inspection system could be a huge advance in streamlining your manufacturing operations. Adhesive detection systems bring high-speed automated quality assurance processes that will improve your average completion rate and average throughput for corrugated box manufacturing.

Automated manufacturing glue inspection cameras can find defects very fast and accurate ranging from improperly glued or not square boxes as well as other defects at full manufacturing line speeds. These automated glue inspection systems can also be combined with automatic bundle ejection systems to pull out corrugated box defects while operating at full line speeds.

Preventative Maintenance will Help

It happens slowly over the course of months and years, but every small imbalance adds up and in time you will find your system is running slower and producing more defects than it used to. Therefore it would be good as well to attend our adhesive trainings or let us visit your manufacturing site once every two years to have a chat with operators and production managers. When you have the staff expertise and time, putting regular tune-up and equipment inspection time into your teams’ schedules can make all the difference.

Maximizing Efficiency

Maximizing the efficiency of your inliner folder gluing business is about making smart improvements, choosing system updates or upgrades with a good ROI and about maintaining lean operations. With small and smart machine settings and improvements we are able to improve start/stop nozzle blockages, spitting, satelliting and inner bond failures. Together we make a long-term profitability of your corrugated manufacturing business.

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