Packaging Applications hot melt

Intercol’s Polyolefine and waterwhite EVA hotmelts are a technical and cost effective leading choice for hotmelt adhesives engineered for the best results. In our laboratory we have extensively tested our hot melt adhesives on spinning, adhesion, thermal stability and designed it for food packaging applications. We are in the forefront of the adhesives industry fulfulling special needs as high bond strength on difficult to adhere substrates, mileage, application costs and technical implmentation

Our standard range of hot melt adhesives is tested for:

  • Outstanding thermal stability, no coaling, less maintenance costs
  • Bond strength to different substrates
  • Speed of set (quick bonding)
  • Deep freeze temperature resistance
  • Food compliance, BRC, SML, low odor
  • Low application temperature hot melts
Packaging hot melt adhesives
One hot melt for all applications
One single hot melt adhesive for all packaging applications

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