Parcel & E-commerce self adhesive hot melt

Intercol has a range adhesives for corrugated materials delivering the performance and ease of use that help converters in the packaging industry meet their customers’ demands and also working more efficient.

Replacing double-coated PET tapes for example by applying inline a high tack, aggressive, rubber-based hot melt adhesive which is engineered to bond to a wide variety of corrugated and plastic materials, or board with a high percentage of recycled content.

Performs in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 100°C

Depending on your application needs a pressure sensitive adhesive can be proposed with the needed performance, regardless of the season, only one adhesive for the substrates you use. Applying hot melt adhesives inline will reduce costs, streamline ordering and inventory management, saving time and storage space.

No wear and tear on knives

As the adhesive is applied on the substrate directly, only the sillicon layer needs to be cut. Ther will be no dirty, sticky knives anymore.

Specified and chosen by many parcel and e-commerce companies

Our hot melt adhesives are used on many parcel boxes that are inline produced. Our standard PSA hot melt adhesives bond to a variety of substrates like coated, wax coated, and depending on the coating weight rough/irregular surfaces.

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