Polyurethane hot melt adhesives are used in disposables, footwear, automotive and packaging industry as share of the total Hot Melt Adhesives Market. Hot melt adhesives support regulations by REACH and EPA encourage to use of eco-friendly products in North America and Europe.

Polyurethane, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyamide, polyolefin and styrenic block copolymers are most used base raw materials in hot melt adhesives. Ethyl vinyl acetate finds many fields of application in automotive, paper converting, woodworking, packaging, corrugated, carton and paper industries. EVA hot melt adhesives still provide a high performance at the lowest cost in the range of hot melt adhesives. Polyolefine based hot melt adhesives find their purpose in more challenging applications in the in paper and packaging industry, especially where plastic and coated surfaces are involved. Polyolefin hot melt adhesives also meet a demand between polyurethane hot melts and EVA hot melt adhesives in the woodworking industry. Raw material prices are stable but have proven to be sensitive to global market development and production capacity.

In Europe, Germany, France and UK hot melt adhesives take the most volume for hot melt adhesives. Intercol offers a strong application hot melt range in automotive & packaging industry that meat REACH and EPA answering to environmental concerns. Textile applications include manufacturing sportswear, footwear and protective shoes that can be compbined with bio-based products.

Hot melt adhesives always offered huged benefits in manufacturing processes such as quick setting time, low VOC emissions and easy to integrate in production lines due to application by photo cell triggerd glue guns. Automotive applications reduce it’s total volatile organic compounds.

The number of Polyurethane hot melt adhesives applications is growing. These hot melts are used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and electrical & electronic industries in relation to standard EVA hot melt it provides better adhesion, flexibility and high resistancy to temperature & moisture resistance. VOC containing adhesives may be more and more replaced because of biological and environmental reasons. EVA and Polyolefin hot melts already replaced many applications that made use of VOC containing adhesives.

The application of hot melt adhesives in the packaging, for example in the corrugated case & paper board carton sealing and labelling of glass, plastic bottle and cans. Rubber based PSA hot melts are used for self adhesive labels and films. These products find their application in packaging and can meet regulations pertaining to safety of food contact.

Ethyl vinyl acetate hot melt adhesives are still serving new applications in woodworking, paper and automobile industries. Many new automated processes use its intact adhesion, durability and versality. EVA hot melt adhesives are probably the most cost effective and reliable source. EVA hot melt adhesives are able to adhere to aqueous coating, paper stock and waxes. Main applications are labeling, carton sealing and other packaging solutions.

Intercol is a europe focussed adhesive manufacturer, offering syndicated and custom adhesives with support at customes location. We are also serving many customers outside Europe where our customer service on location is not guaranteed. Intercol’s adhesives are designed for several industriessuch as chemicals, packaging, converting, paper, advanced materials, building, construction, technology, manufacturing whitegoods, automotive, furniture, wood, edgebanding, profile wrapping, renewable energy and biotechnology.

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