PSA hot melt with good aging performance

Like white polyolefine does improve on yellow EVA, that’s where our new PSA hotmelt adhesives are unique for as well. The new transparent line of hot melt PSA has a strong improved aging performance. In the field different terms are used, as “thermal stability”, “ageing”, “heat stability” and “Pot Life”.

For an extended period of time the hot melt is kept in a heated hot melt tank at 160 C, whilst not changing in color, viscosity or bond characteristics. Polymers and tackifiers can degrade strongly where molecular structures will be damaged. The new transparent hot melt polymers and tackifiers offer highter heat stability when heating at 160°C for 96 hours.

The chemical composition of the hot melt is one of the most important factors and in addition our unique production methods with short heating times reduce thermal aging. In combination with end users consumption the ideal temperature settings of the hot melt system has to be made.

To insure the best heat stability, operators of packaging machines need to pay attention to the quality of the adhesive, clean refillin of the hot melt tank and clean production methods.

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