Reduce the number of adhesive used

In several productions, may for several reasons, be multiple adhesives in usage. This might be historical or application technical.

A: hotmelt for long open time B: hot melt with fast setting

Especially in display manufacturing companies, we run into applications where large displays are manually folded and glued, but also small products are made. With our new development EHM 9442, we combine a long open time with a short setting speed.

Hotmelt psa used for long open time, waterbased for final bond

EHM Futura PLUS 6006……

Packaging hot melt used for fast setting, waterbased for heat resistant bond


Replacing 2 adhesives;a contact gluer and non-contact (high pressure system) by one


Reduce the maintenance of hot melt equipment

Futura range for all industries, from packaging and product assembly to PSA.


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