Ring & Ball method

The melting point of a hot melt is the temperature at which the hot melt liquefies. Typically, the melting point is determined in the laboratory. by the Ring and Ball method.

A cooled hotmelt adhesive film is placed in a steel ring. A bullet that fits through the ring is placed on top of this adhesive film. The whole is placed in an oil bath. As soon as the steel ball falls through the hotmeltfilm and touches the bottom is laid down on it the melting point of the hotmelt.

Melting point

The melting point of a hot melt is often seen as an indication of the heat resistance of the hotmelt. But that is a wrong approach. The melting point is more an indication of the minimum processing temperature in the hotmeltunit. Outside the mostly indicated application temperature.

Ring and ball measurement of a hot melt adhesive

The heat resistance can be defined in different, more appropriate methods. For example, there is a SAFT (Shear Adhesion Fail Temperature, usually for self-adhesive hotmelts), and a PAFT (Peel adhesion Fail Temperature) for e.g. packaging hot melt adhesives

Hotmelt laboratory (R&D)

The laboratory can perform all of Intercol comparative tests to achieve a thorough examination result or a good comparative, improvement proposal. Standard tests include:
-PAFT (Peel Adhesion Fail Temperature) (Pira Hinge test)
-Viscositeitsmeting, Including the curve from the melting point up to the maximum adhesive temperature (range, 20 to 240 degrees Celsius).
R & B (Ring & Ball) melting point measurement
-SAFT (Shear adhesion Fail Temperature)
-Open Time (the time which the hot-melt sticks after the hot application)
-Afbind Speed (the pressing time needed by the hot-melt)
-Hardheid Shore

Hot melt test methods

For hot melt adhesive, there are specific tests available as:
-Peel Adhesion (peel strength)
-Walk Tack (tack)
-Rolling Ball Tack (steel bullet jamming in a glue film)
-Shear Adhesion (tensile strength at room temperature)
-SAFT (Heat resistance)

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