Seed coating polymers specialist

Intercol supports seed technology companies to answer the requirements and improve quality and efficiency in the production chain. We help to explore new opportunities and offer customer specific seed coating solutions.

Intercol can add a broad and proven colour range, where different coating circumstances and requirements can be met product specifi.

Intercol supports the seed technology industry that maximises the seed’s natural potential and will help improving results in the growth of a successfullness of crop.

Seed Polymers

  • Viscosity and solids adapted for Precise coating and even distribution
  • Strong binder
  • Seed-applied carrier of  plant protection products
  • Extended shelf life
  • Less dust
  • Enhanced identification

Coating Seed Polymers

Intercol’s seed coating polymers are a base material for many manufacturers in the filmcoating manufacturing process. We can help develop waterbased coatings to be applied as a layer onto the seed, seed coating or pellet. We can adapt our seedcoatings with colours, wetting agents, binders, and change visible parameters such opacities and finishes such as matt, shine and sparkle.

Seed Coating Technology

Intercol’s seed coatings can::

  • Add weight and gravity to very fluggy or light seeds.
  • Increasing the size of very small and fine seeds.
  • Resize and/or reshape uneven or elongated seeds, e.g. sugar beet, lettuce and carrot.
  • Applying protecting seed treatments

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