Side seam adhesives

Intercol has developed superior adhesives for side seam appliations, for both, wheel and nozzle application we offer the most competitive adhesives.

Standard range adhesives for side seam applications

For standard applications, we can make a differencie between wheel, contact-nozzle and high pressure non contact application.
  • Wheel and contactnozzle application
    • Standard: VA 762 Series
    • Coated boards: VA 898 series
    • Laminated boards: VA 611 series
    • Fast setting VA 906 series
    • Water resistant VA 284 series
  • Non contact high pressure nozzle application
    • Standard: VA 515 series
    • Coatedboards : VA 517 series
    • Laminated boards: VA 623 series
    • Fast setting: VA 906 series
    • Water resistant: VA 284 series.

Start/stop-Microstop-nozzle blockages

Without comprimizing bonding strenght or setting speed, we have developed unique adhesives that provide problem free start ups after microstops up to 30 minutes. The first produced box is already sellable.

Food safety

Intercol offers food safe, and UV detectable adhesives. After extensive research, we found a very competitive solution that also provide a new workaround for UV detection in combination with optical brightners used in white boards. See our food safe range of SML adhesives. For hot melts, we can provide BRC accredited adhesives.

Optical brighteners

In many corrugated, paper and solid boards optical whitening agents are used to increase the “whiteness” of the packaging. These optical brighteners appear to have the same properties as standard optical detecting agents that are used in adhesives for detection purposes. These detection systems are necesarry to provide 100% guaranteed quality boxes to end of line packaging factories. Such as the food industry. There are multiple solutions available that are UV Detectable and provide a workaround for the optical brighteners in cartons, but Intercol offers a food safe workaround with our unique, adhesive that will work with Baumer HHS and Valco Melton glue detection systems.

A problem free adhesive

No spitting, less machinestops because there’s no need forregurlarly cleaning, No inside the box bonds, Higher machine speeds.

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