Side seam roller and nozzle adhesives

Corrugated and solid board gluing

For inliners and folder gluers


  • Intercol offers adhesives based on a polyvinylacetate and copolymer EVA dispersions. Composed for gluing of normal paper and board qualities up to lacquered, coated and laminated corrugated boards for e.g. the packaging industry. Suitable for nozzle and roller PVAC are also known as homopolymer waterbased adhesives.
  • Adhesives properties can be:
    • High wet tack
    • Water resistant
    • Fast setting/drying
    • Allowing to square

Sack production adhesives

Polyvinylacetate dispersions, homopolymers are used for applications like gluing normal paper and board qualities in the packaging industry. Adhesive can be applied by nozzle and roller application.

Homopolymer side seam adhesives

Homopolymer adhesives are based on a polyvinylacetate dispersion. These adhesives are developed for gluing of normal and heavy board qualities in the solidboard and corrugated packaging industry and is used for the production of American folding boxes. Suitable for nozzle and roller.

Single wall bags PVAC

For gluing the top seam of flour bags single wall bags side seams and can be used for the side seam of american folding boxes. Non contact nozzle and wheel application.

Copolymer adhesives for folder gluers

High end copolymer adhesives are used for standard and coated board qualities in the folding boxes industry. Engineered for high pressure contactless nozzle applications. These grades are avaible in blue, UV and food safe detection colourants.

Baumer HHS folder gluer adhesives

Intercol’s VA 517 range is certified for the HHS nozzle system. Serving fast applications, no spitting, no satellites and problem free start after microstops up to 30 minutes. It’s also available for heavily coated boards.

Metallocene hot melt

Our standard EHM 5090 hot melt is a water white metallocene hotmelt with medium to long open time and is fast setting, serving fast machines with short compression times. The bond is deep freeze resistant and for gluing hard to bond surfaces. It also meets the requirements for production of paperbags including bonding coated paper and plastic foils. This hot melt is also used for sealing corrugated american folding boxes and wrap around boxes, trays and folding cartons.

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