Tapes – hot melt PSA

EHM 8450A is a high performance hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for multi-purpose self-adhesive tapes. EHM 8450A has a versatile bonding performance, with high grab and high cohesive strength. It gives permanent bonds with a relatively high heat resistance.

EHM 8936 is a pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. It is designed to give excellent adhesion on difficult to bond surfaces with a low surface energy, such as highly varnished, coated or glossed boards and flexible packaging materials. It can be used in construction of self‐adhesive security closures and can give an immediate, destructive bond. This is as well as good low temperature performance. It can be used in the manufacture of permanent, high tack self‐adhesive tapes and coatings. Its viscosity and characteristics allow it to be applied via a variety of means such as slot die, roller or spray applications. It may also be used in other applications and industries where its characteristics and performance can be of use.

EHM 9078 is designed for the use of permanent tapes and self‐adhesive coatings. It can be used for self‐adhesive closures on heavy duty materials where a stronger more destructive bond is required. It may also be used for high coat weight tape applications where a strong permanent bond is required. Pressen2039 is a light coloured pressure sensitive adhesive with high levels of loop tack, peel adhesion and heat resistance. Being almost colourless allows it to be used at increased coat weights without discolouring transparent materials. EHM 9078 is also suited to bond low surface energy materials exhibiting good adhesion and quick‐stick abilities

EHM 9176 has been formulated as a general purpose cost effective adhesive for the tape and converting industry, showing good adhesion and heat resistance. EHM 9176 is amber in colour.

Technical specifications standard PSA tape hot melt